Modern Sonder

debut ep 'Crisis, Grace & Growth' releasing summer 2020

Modern Sonder is singer-songwriter Jazz Dey.


'Empathetic, unfiltered songs for those who need to hear them.'

"sonder" [sawn-der] (noun)
‘The sobering realization that every person one comes across is living a life as vidid and complex as one’s own, with a unique set of experiences, emotions and perspectives.’ 

Jasmine ‘Jazz’ Dey grew up in Keith, a small town in the North East of Scotland. She has been singing and writing songs since she was 8 and as a child could often be found scribbling poems and lyrics into notebooks and singing along to the likes of Carole King, Joan Armatrading and George Michael in her bedroom, having stolen CDs from her parent’s collection.


Whilst in school she competed in national Scots singing competitions and undertook lead roles in musical theatre productions both with her local theatre group and Youth Music Theatre UK. Jazz has been singing in bands since she was 13, most recently singing and playing bass for rock band ‘Still’, who released an EP entitled ‘Colours’ in 2013 and two singles (‘Bottle’ and ‘Waiting For Who?’) in 2015. Whilst studying HND Music at the North East of Scotland College, Jazz wrote and recorded a solo EP and album under the pseudonym ‘Almost Alice’, both as of yet unreleased. 

Now based in Glasgow and re-branding as ‘Modern Sonder’, Jazz will release her debut emo-rock EP ‘Crisis, Grace & Growth’ in Summer 2020. Recorded and produced by Michael Macdonald, the debut is a hopeful tribute to facing and overcoming life’s hurdles, both those that are self-inflicted and externally-imposed in nature. Jazz’s skilful, emotional and at times defiant vocal delivery has notes of Texas' Sharleen Spitteri, Garbage's Shirley Manson and Alanis Morissette. Lyrically, Jazz’s key songwriting influences include emo strongholds Max Bemis (Say Anything), Justin Courtney Pierre (Motion City Soundtrack) and Andrew McMahon (Something Corporate, Jack’s Mannequin). Her knack for melodic hooks is indicative of her more mainstream influences such as Matchbox Twenty, Jimmy Eat World and Paramore. 

With an interchangeable live band (comprising of Jazz's close friends), Modern Sonder will be gigging extensively over the next year in Glasgow and further afield, promoting the release of ‘Crisis, Grace & Growth’ as well as performing other material Jazz is refining for her next record. After many years of putting it off, Jazz has finally found her voice and confidence in herself as a songwriter with this solo project, and is working to eventually carve a place for herself in Scotland’s bustling rock scene.


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